Ostermeyer, Hartwig (2007)
Zukünftige Gestaltung des internationalen Handels mit Bioenergieträgern für den deutschen Kraftstoffmarkt

Diplomarbeiten, Fachgebiet Energiesysteme, TU Berlin

This thesis analyses opportunities and risks of international trade in biofuels from a German perspective. Biofuels are mainly politically promoted in order to pursue energy, environmental and agricultural objectives. Therefore, binding quotas have been implemented in the German fuel market. Due to sufficient supply potential, there is no inevitable need for using international resources in order to fulfil biofuel demand derived by these quotas. However, imports offer the chance of an extended resource base and comparative cost advantages to support energy aims. The existing trade regime is characterised by considerable trade barriers protecting domestic supply which supports agricultural aims. This creates an area of conflict for future figuration of international trade. Thus, national politics is forced to balance these objectives. This thesis comes to the conclusion that security of future energy supply outbalances other objectives and hence, argues for trade liberalisation. Therefore, the development of a specific international agreement in the framework of WTOnegotiations is promoted.

Fachgebiet Energiesysteme der TU Berlin
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