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Energy Systems

Course Components

Compulsory parts:

"Energy systems": Integrative Lecture (0330 L 510) 4 SWS
"Energy systems": Lectured excercises (0330 L 512) 2 SWS

The lecture and tutorial are solely offered in summer semesters.



"Energy politics during energy transition": Seminar (0330 L 529) 2 SWS only in WS

"New developments on energy markets": Seminar (0330 L 526) 2 SWS in WS/SS



From the Summer Semester 2021 this course will be held in English. To make rational decisions in energy systems, the complex connections and interactions between different energy markets need to be understood. Different modelling concepts of varying complexity have been used for this purpose, which will covered in the course. The factors affecting both energy supply and energy demand will be discussed. Different methods for analysing scenarios for the sustainable development of the energy system will be presented.

1. Energy balances

2. Interdependence analysis / Linear programming

3. Discounting, sustainability

4. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

5. Economic system analysis with input-output tables

6. Factors affecting energy demand

7. Energy and ecological taxes

8. Energy efficiency

9. Innovation and experience curves

10. Time series analysis for demand, wind and solar

11. Storage integration

12. Sector coupling

Examination and Grading

The final grade is the weighted average of two components:

  • Graded elective seminar: 33/100 points, oral exam
  • Graded mandatory lecture & excercise: 66/100 points, written exam, 90 min.

Note: There is no repeat exam; the next exam possibility will only be in the following summer term.

Teaching materials

The slides of the lecture and the exercise or the exercise tasks are available on ISIS. The Password will be announced in the first session respectively on this very website.

Save the date

Please include the following dates in your weekly schedule. For participation, please register in the accompanying ISIS-Kurs.

* Tuesday, 2 - 4 pm lecture via Zoom

* Wendsday 2 - 4 pm exercise course via Zoom
* Thursday 2 - 4 pm lecture via Zoom

Recommended literature

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University Press, 2018

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Energieübertragung,” online

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