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TU Berlin

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Andreas Corusa, M.Sc.


Research Associate 
(since 10/2017)

Berlin University of Technology
Department of Energy Systems
Einsteinufer 25 (TA 8)
10587 Berlin

Building FT, Room 025a
Tel: +49 (0)30 314 26 831 

Consultation-hour: by arrangement

Curriculum Vitae
  • since 10/2017: Research associate at the Department of Energy Systems, Technical University Berlin
  • 2014 - 2017: Start-up founder and independent consultant for production processes and logistics
  • Studies: Energy and building services engineering (TU Berlin, M.Sc.) and supply engineering (Munich University of Applied Sciences, B.Eng.)
Activity & Research Field
  • Project Management in the Project WindNODE - Showcasing smart energy systems from north-eastern Germany
  • Digitisation in the energy sector
  • blockchain technologies
Selction of free thesis topics (Please scroll down!)
  • Analysis of digital business fields of German energy companies (Master thesis)

Information theory: Is the linguistic sense in relation to the word frequency on websites/annual reports etc. transferable to business areas? An appropriate methodology could be to create a graph/index of word frequencies to break down website logic and information using a crawler approach. Machine learning application is possible.


  • Performance based contracting in the German energy sector (Bachelor thesis / Master thesis)

Which Sharing/Community models are there, and which are considered new business models? Check and collect further concepts for energy companies.

  • Holistic key figures analysis of German energy companies. Quo vadis? (Bachelor thesis/ Master thesis)

Possible key figures: Shareholders Structures, business economical key figures, business segments, technical key figures. Variables should be defined with different depth (importance). Use (existing) database(s) as data basis. Possible outputs: Geographical decoding of investment flows.


  • Group delimitation: full consolidation vs. dominance method (Bachelor thesis/ Master thesis)

The ranking of companies and their business areas can no longer be clearly defined due to the changes in the energy sector, for example: electricity sales and the lack of clarity about the largest electricity suppliers. Keyword: "Ranking of the ten largest German electricity suppliers".


  • Competition-dependent innovation policy. Potentials of Energy Business Models (Bachelor Thesis/Master Thesis)

A model is worthwhile if the technology can continue to exist after a life cycle without subsidies. Are the developed energy business models themselves viable and if so, in what time horizon, in the past as well as in the future? Risk acceptance can serve as a penetration criterion for new technologies on the market, since inventions are evenly distributed over time, but the mass maturity of technologies depends on external effects.


  • Which legally secured digital agendas are there in Germany? How do these influence the digital strategy of an energy company/municipal utility? (Bachelor thesis/ Master thesis)

Keywords: Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and digital business models within an energy company/municipal utility. Example: Baden-Württemberg's energy system transformation targets are higher than those of the federal government. Is there such a thing as analogue for digital agendas?


  • Resilience. How are cyber-physical systems entering the energy sector and influencing it from a safety perspective? (Bachelor thesis/ Master thesis)

The concept of resilience is to be defined and delimited. Where exactly is the difference between a robust and a resilient system? What does this mean for the current or future energy system from an IT point of view? Software vs. hardware approach.



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