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Energy Economics

Course Components

4 SWS Lecture (0330 L 527)
2 SWS Practice Group (0330 L 528)


Note: The Lecture "Energy Economics" is only provided in Winter Term.


This lecture is specially designed for students of PEESE. This lecture, held in English, is the equivalent to the former German “Energiewirtschaft”-lecture, yet starting more from the basics. This lecture will give students a fundamental understanding of the functioning, design and analysis of international energy markets. Taking into account the international background of PEESE students, the lecture will focus less on national legislatives but on international developments in the energy sector.


The Lecture provides the theoretical backround:

1. Introduction
2. Energy balance
3. Economic assessment
4. Resources and sustainability
5. Markets for CO2 emission allowances
6. Markets for liquid energy sources
7. Markets of gaseous energy sources
8. Markets for solid energy sources
9. Electricity Markets
10. Markets for Energy Efficiency

The dates and rooms of current lecture period can be obtained here.

Practice Group

During the practice group the teacher discusses case studies and tasks with the students in order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and prepare for the written test.

The dates and rooms of current lecture period can be obtained here.


Basic knowledge of economics is required. Interest in energy economics and energy policies is beneficial for the course.

How to get credit points?

There will be a 90-minutes written test at the end of winter term on Tuesday, 27th February, 2018.

Note: There is no repeat exam; the next exam possibility will only be in the following winter term in February 2019.

The date of exam of current lecture period will be announced here.

Course Material

You can download the lecture slides once you have registered for the ISIS course. You receive the pasword in the first lecture.

You can also buy a book about the course material during consultation hour.

Recommended literature

  • Stein, G.; Wagner, H-F. (1999) Das IKARUS-Projekt: Klimaschutz für Deutschland, 1. Auflage, Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag
  • Hensing, I.; Pfaffenberger, W.; Ströbele, W. (1998) Energiewirtschaft.Einführung in Theorie und Politik, München: Oldenbourg
  • Schiffer, H.W. (2005) Energiemarkt Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 9. völligneu bearbeitete Auflage. Köln: TüV Rheinland

Zusatzinformationen / Extras

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